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Meet Our Staff

New Toyota Sales Staff
Jeff Larson
General Sales ManagerEmail Me
I have two daughters, Ali, 12, and Ella, 7. I think about my little girls before making any big decisions. My goal is to make sure I can go home every night, look my daughters in the eyes, and know that they wo ...Read More
Jim ONeal
New Car Sales ManagerEmail Me
I was born in Ft. Lauderdale Florida but grew up in Marysville and have been there ever since. I enjoy spending time with my family, especially my wife Wendy, my son Logan who is 16, go carting and playing vide ...Read More
Sean Chapman
New Car Sales ManagerEmail Me
I was born and raised in the Seattle area, so I like to think of myself as a native. I am very active, outdoorsy, and a sports fan. Most of my adult life has been spent proudly representing the Toyota brand. I  ...Read More
John Yi
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
Originally from Seoul, Korea, one of my strengths is my bilingual ability. I have been in the auto industry for 14 years and 9 of those years have been shared with Rodland Toyota. The impeccable customer servic ...Read More
Mike Hilderbrand
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
I have been in the auto industry a total of 21 years, 13 of which have been with Rodland Toyota. I am originally from Edmonds, and for the past 23 years my wife and I have been residing in Mill Creek. On my tim ...Read More
Mike Massey
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
For 11 years now, I have been part of the Rodland Toyota family. I am originally from Atlanta Georgia, and have spent the last 21 years in the auto industry working not only in sales but also in the Internet de ...Read More
Colin Miller
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
I have worked at Rodland Toyota since 2003 after making a transition from engineering/ quality. I moved here from Sydney Australia in 1997. You can call me your "Friendly Aussie". I am committed to the owner of ...Read More
Marcus Krachunis
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
Taylor Garneau
Sales and Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
John Taylor
Sales and Leasing Consultant
James Effler
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
Teresa Whalen
Ralph Causer
Lot Supervisor
I am originally from Edmonds and am the second to the youngest of five boys. I love flying kites and bowling in my spare time. I’ve been in the auto industry for over ten years working as a mechanic and detail  ...Read More
Pre-Owned Sales Staff
John Wood
Pre-Owned Sales Manager/ Pre-Owned BuyerEmail Me
I grew up in a small town in west Texas, called Paint Rock, with a population just under 300 people. I am the youngest of 7, with 3 brothers and 3 sisters. All seven of us are all still living. My sisters are 8 ...Read More
Todd Bond
Pre-Owned Sales ManagerEmail Me
I was born in Port Angeles, Wa. If you haven't been to the Olympic Peninsula, you should take some time and see all the diversity from the HOH Rain Forest to Hurricane Ridge. Growing up with a dad and grandfath ...Read More
Colette Kelln
Pre-Owned Admin Assistant/ Customer Relations ManagerEmail Me
I grew up in Edmonds, and have been in the Automobile Industry for 32 years. I work as an administrative assistant and Customer Relations Manager for Rodland Toyota. The thing I like best about working for Ro ...Read More
Rob Olsen
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
I have been married to my wife, Marlene for 21 years and we have three teenage children together, Austin (18), and twins Kailee and Madison (14). I was born in Ketchikan Alaska but grew up in Marysville. I have ...Read More
Harry Chen
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
I lived in Beijing, China for 25 years before moving to Boston, Massachusetts, and then later to Seattle. I have been in the auto industry for 8 years, 5 of which I have spent here. Rodland Toyota has a special ...Read More
Russell Pyles
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
I am originally from Amarillo Texas and have two children and one grandson. I was a retired Sr. Chief in the US Navy before selling cars. I have been in the car business for many years and worked as a mechanic, ...Read More
Jeremy Caughell
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
I’m originally from Ballard Washington, and enjoy playing golf, fishing, and being with my family. I’ve been in the auto industry for 20 years, doing everything from being a sales manager, finance manager, fina ...Read More
Brandon Huynh
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
Rod Kollmeyer
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
Danny "Bubba" Howard
Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
The people. That is what I like best about working at Rodland Toyota. I am kind, gentle and have a loving heart. I have been working in the auto industry for the past 29 years and have been with Rodland on and  ...Read More
Internet Sales
Doug Lafave
Internet Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
I was born in a schoolhouse above the Arctic Circle in Deering, Alaska. I now live locally with my beautiful wife, Brandi. Together we have a daughter, Emily, who is working and attending ECC; a son ...Read More
Baron Li
Internet Sales & Leasing ConsultantEmail Me
When I'm away from the dealership, I enjoy spending time with my lovely wife or reading, watching movies and I even enjoy a little online gaming. When it comes to your automotive purchase, I'll provide you wi ...Read More
Tambre Markham
Internet Sales CoordinatorEmail Me
Robert Gallardo
Internet Sales CoordinatorEmail Me
Finance Staff
Tom Staniford
Finance DirectorEmail Me
My family and I live on a small farm in Stanwood with Horses, rabbits, dogs and a tractor. Laura, my wife of 10 years (whom I met at Rodland Toyota), and I have three children, Jackson 5, Johnna 7, and Ella 9.  ...Read More
Darci Clark
F & I ManagerEmail Me
In my 2 years at Rodland Toyota, what I value most about working here is that we are a family owned and operated dealership with the utmost sincerity and integrity. This is a genuine and honest deal ...Read More
Jay Kemahli
F & I ManagerEmail Me
Mark Brown
F & I ManagerEmail Me
I am originally from Springfield, Ohio, but grew up in Auburn, Wa and went to Washington State University. I enjoy boating, skiing, and bowling. I started in the car industry 17 years ago working positions such ...Read More
Service Staff
Bob Gardner
Service ManagerEmail Me
Jim Craig
Assistant Service Manager- BLUE TEAMEmail Me
I grew up in Oakland California and have been in the auto industry since 1971. Besides being a service advisor, I have worked at the parts counter, been a parts manager, service manager, and parts and service d ...Read More
Steve Hendrickson
Assistant Service Manager- RED TEAMEmail Me
I have been working in the auto industry since the early 70’s. I started working at a Texaco gas station when I was 12, pumping gas, fixing tires, and changing oil. When I was 17 I started working at a Chevrole ...Read More
John Coleman
Assistant Service ManagerEmail Me
I was raised in White Center, Wa (South Seattle) where I graduated from Evergreen High School in 1979. I then went on to pursue my love for auto industry, graduating from the Arizona Automotive Institute in 198 ...Read More
Trisha Adams
Assistant Service ManagerEmail Me
I’ve been in the auto industry for 10 years, specializing mainly as a manager and service writer at independent auto shops. What I like most about Rodland Toyota is the level of service to our customers. I have ...Read More
Sandy Sturm
Express Lube AdvisorEmail Me
I’ve been in the car industry since before I could drive. I’ve worked every position from warranty clerk, receptionist, title clerk, accounts payable, and assistant service manager. I’ve been with Rodland Toyo ...Read More
David Callaway
Express Lube AdvisorEmail Me
I was born in Kirkland, however my scholastic years were performed in Lake Stevens. I enjoy music, firefighting, and marching to the beat of my own drummer…oh ya, and giving Bob Gardner a hard but fun time. I h ...Read More
Mike Kim
Express Lube Advisor
Matt Arquitt
Rental ConsultantEmail Me
Ana Howe
Rental ConsultantEmail Me
Diane Shaw
Warranty AdministratorEmail Me
I started in the auto industry in 1988 at a small Chevy dealership in Tacoma. Other than being a Warranty Administrator I have been a courtesy driver, filer, cashier, booker, and service writer. In my 10 years  ...Read More
Bre Bertalan
Accessory CoordinatorEmail Me
Juan Nunez
I grew up in Mitchokan Mexico. My wife and I have a daughter while I also have seven brothers and seven sisters. I love when my family gets together for picnics. I have been working in the car industry for fift ...Read More
Parts Staff
Mike Harrington
Parts ManagerEmail Me
16 year Rodland Toyota Employee
Nancy Rockwell
Parts ProfessionalEmail Me
21 Year Rodland Toyota Employee
Derae Bowers
Parts ProfessionalEmail Me
8 Year Rodland Toyota Employee
Richard Elkins
Wholesale Parts ProfessionalEmail Me
1 Year Rodland Toyota Employee
Christine Scheffler
Parts ProfessionalEmail Me
From the time I could remember, I was always in the shop with my dad. When I grew up I went into the car business and have currently been in the dealership world since 1999. I have been with Rodland Toyota sinc ...Read More
Shane Pearson
Parts ProfessionalEmail Me
Less than 1 Year Rodland Toyota Employee
Luke Longaker
Parts ProfessionalEmail Me
Dustin Dwyer
Parts ProfessionalEmail Me
Gene Miles
Shipper/ Parts Driver
6 Year Rodland Toyota Employee
Dan Nelson
Parts Driver
Jade Pearson
Parts/ Service Cashier
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